kursg - bofc site generator. This script generates static html site from markdown and html files and directory structure. Idea is very simple, make site creation a piece of cake and focus on content - just create a bunch of markdown files and directories and it will be transformed into static website. As the idea is simple so is script itself, while easy to use it gives little customization options. No template support, page can be only customized using css files.

If you don't need fancy layouts, graphics and just want a simple, fast (both in creation and usage) and readable page, this script is for you. Otherwise, don't bother - there are many nice static site generator with templates that allows to create sphisticated sites.



Simply execute as root, and you are done. Script can also be run without installation of course.

make install


Full documentation (and some more info) is available at kursg.bofc.pl

There is also man page to read.


Example presenting all features can be found in... example directory. To build example site, call make example, generated website will be in example/out

Also these projects use kursg to generate its website


Script is licensed under BSD 2-clause license. See LICENSE file for details.


Michał Łyszczek michal.lyszczek@bofc.pl

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